These are the results of our old poll where the question asked "Should Dan get more respect?"

The poll has now been retired and thank you everyone for participating.

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Should Dan get more respect?

    -He should learn some auto-respect and some love for himself if he wants to be respected.

    -No, because his fame will hit a nosedive and lacks a lot of skill.

    -Dan should only get more respect if he stops taunting and actually fights and beats someone in a fight.

    -No he's a loser.

    -Of course not he deserves only murder.

    -No no no!

    -DEF NOT. What's the point of having him on the game roster other than using him to beat up all the time in practice mode?


    -Absolutley not, he is one of those guys who claim they know how to fight, but they are all talk. Also he is a joke. The only option for a small amount of recognition is suicide.>XD

    -No anyone who rapes Vega other than me is dog shit in my eyes.

    -No. He's stupid and sucks. I hate him! COULD YOU UNDERSTAND THIS, I HATE HIM!

    -Yes!!! At least, he is Sakura's teacher.

    -No because he is an idiot.

    -Yes, because Vega is a beautiful of male, cute and much more intelligent than Hibiki.

    -Don't really pay attention to Dan.

    -No!!! He makes gay guys look bad!!!

    -No. Dan has way too much respect all ready.

    -Don't know, don't care.

    -Yes so we can laugh at him more.

    -No way, he wears pink for fuck sake.

    -Yes. He's been through as much heartache as Chun-Li (Chun's father was killed by M. Bison [Vega in Japan] and Dan's dad got killed by Sagat).

    -No :c Because....because 8D

    -No why should anyone respect pink.

    -Yes. Saikyo-ryu is a cool way to fight.

    -Yes. If I said no then Dan would rape me.

    -Yeah I think he should cause he's really cool.

    -Only if I can get laid by Cammy.

    -No Dan is a moron.

    -No unless he gets a sex change.


    -Pink gets more fear than respect.

    -The color pink is never going to get any respect.

    -Yes because Dan is Vega's man.

    -Only if he kills Vega.

    -Yes. Fear the gay pink rapist.

    -Whoever doesn't give Dan respect ends up dead.

    -Hell no! He is a weird person I mean come on being gay is one thing but being obsessed is another.

    -Yes, because he is like a clown in the world of street fighter and also people would love to see more of Dan's funny actions.

    -No, because he is arrogant and dumb.

    -Should not because he is the entertainer of the game.

    -Ese idiota ya no puede tener respeto, Dan debe respetar a Vega.

    -Dan would be much better as a laughing stock.

    -YEAH^^ anyone that can do a hadoken (more like a hado-slap) deserves full respect.... Even if it's unsuccessful.... And pink... and... well... slightly gay.

    -Yea. His dad is dead.

    -Yes because have pity on his moves which always do sucker things up for the enemy making it easy to beat him up......

    -Yes because if you don't, he'll rape ya.


    -No, because he is too weak to be a true fighter.

    -No. He's dumb.

    -I respect Dan for what he is doing to Vega. Ken rules!

    -I really don't think he should get more respect, because he wears pink! Any "male" that wears pink because he wants to should not get any respect and die!

    -I don't know. Not much of a Dan fan, do have respect for him, but not a fan.

    -No, fake muthaf**ka...

    -Nope. I like him the way he is... comedy relief that is.

    -No. I believe that Dan is simply a joke, and someone like Rose, could annhilate him.

    -Dan should get some more respect because I'm sure he trains hard every day of his life.

    -Yes, because he is classic in his own style of personality.

    -He sucks. Literally and figuratively.

    -Yes, because he has good tastes.

    -Uhhh no, how can u respect a man who wears pink?

    -No, he is so stupid he probably doesn't know what respect is.

    -Don't ask me. He's the one that adds life(or takes it) away from things(I.E. Vega).

    -No, he is too crazy to be respected at least to the fans' perspective.

    -Uh... I guess Dan IS KINDA cute...

    -No, I don't know much of the guy.

    -No because pink just isn't right.

    -You should know me by now, Dan is a disgusting, pink, dick suckin', cum drinkin' FAGGOT!! He deserves NO respect!

    -No he has made a name for himself as a gay fag

    -No! He's a pussy!

    -Hell no but he should use shotokan.

    -Yes, cuz he's one of the street fighters who appears the most in alot of fanfics.

    -Yes bcuz he is in tha life but also, no bcuz he a str8 up whore...

    -Yes, I don't know why.

    -I don't know Dan.

    -No. He's not that strong and he's not very cute.

    -Um don't really care about Dan so no.

    -No because he is very cheap.

    -Yeah. Because he needs to work on his fireball, stop being an idiot & get his thang together.


    -Who is Dan?

    -Yes. He could be the bride's maid at Chun-Li and Ryu's wedding.

    -Hell no and pink is not a good color.

    -No, he is a dumb ass, that can only do one thing right, and it is wrong.

    -Yes, he should.

    -Nah... Vega rules!

    -Yes. Pink and gay is funny.

    -No. Because he is a wuss.

    -No because he is trying to make Vega become gay!

    -I am so jealous of Dan that he has Vega.

    -NO! HE'S GAY!!

    -No because he is weak and nobody likes him.

    -Maybe we should just accept him for the way he is. What?! Accept him, my ass!!! Dan should die unless he gets straight!!!

    -Yeah, he's cool, and he needs so much more respect... Perhaps if he gets more respect, he can get more luvin, and leave Vega to US.

    -No 'cause he's a loser, there's nothing more to say!!!

    -NO. No man who rapes Vega deserves respect...

    -No because he is stupid.

    -I don't really care.

    -If he quits acting like a damn fool!! He'll get some respect like Rodney Dangerfield!! Cause he needs to grow up and quit talkin' smack too much!!!

    -No he's a dick.

    -Why y'all keep askin me that, man, Dan is a disgusting dick sucking fag who deserves no respect whatsoever.

    -Well..................................Yeah, pink is in style now.

    -Nope, unless by "respect" you mean to laugh at constantly.

    -Well...Yes I think he does... He's just pink & fluffy and I think he's kinda cute...

    -No.... Cause he sucks.

    -Pink is cool.

    -He gets all the respect he needs.

    -Yes he's so funny.

    -Doesn't Dan get lots of respect all ready?

    -I've said it a 1,000 times, that ass poundin' fag deserves NO respect!

    -I don't know if more respect is what he should have. I think he works well as a joke character. If he were to become serious and turn out to be a serious contender in the Street Fighter tournament and such then I think that would wreck it.

    -No he's an a**.

    -No, he's too gay.

    -No, he's a fag. I hate fags.

    -No, he's weird.

    -No Dan shouldn't get more respect. It's funnier this way.

    -Yes. He's far more talented then players give him credit for... After all he was created to make fun of my most hated SNK fighter Ryo.

    -Hell yes. He's got history, he's got emotion, he's got style and a more fun karate than Ryu and Ken. Besides, they don't seem to have weaknesses. Dan's just... human.

    -Hell f**king no! He's worthless!

    -Not really cause he's a wuss anyway.

    -He's cool just the way he is. I like him that way.

    -Yeah I kind of feel bad for him.

    -No, cuz I don't like him!

    -Yes, because beating people as Dan is a symbol of uber-l33tness. Especially if you pull off that move that kills himself. Plus he's got that pink outfit, which proves he's hardcore.

    -I don't care, probably not, cuz I don't like him!

    -I don't know! Like I said, besides Chun Li and Ryu, I don't care about any other character!

    -No because I said so.

    -I've said it a 1,000 times, he's an a$$ poundin' queer that deserves no respect whatsoever.

    -I'm indifferent. He's got good taste liking Vega but I have a hard time giving too much respect for a man who likes other men. He should know Vega is out of his league and only interested in the finer sex (women).

    -No because from the way he acts he doesn't deserve any. He shames Shotokan.

    -Vega is my boy, not of Dan. heheheheheheh

    -No, because he is a real S**T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    -Dan must kill itself!!!!!!!!!!

    -I'll answer this question for you in two languages, English and Spanish. NO and NO.

    -Dan should be an idol, a god for all of us. I personally agree to marry him whenever he wants.

    -No, because he's not too much of a good fighter but that just my opinion. Plus I think he just sucks.

    -He gets enough.

    -Yes. Dan is entertaining. Like Sakura he imitated a very static style and made it dynamic (by making it even MORE basic).

    -Yeah, he's decent enough yet hilarious.

    -No, that's what makes him funny, once people start taking him seriously the joke's over.

    -I told y'all that d*ck suckin', c*m drinkin' faggot don't need no mutha f**kin' respect!

    -No, Dan is the biggest joke character in street fighter. It's funny that way.

    -No, because he's a fag.

    -If he wants more respect he should stop wearing pink.

    -Not if he tries to take away my Vega!

    -Yes, he's kool.

    -Yeah but I don't like men in pink.

    -Nope. Any man that believes rolling around is a fighting style is a moron. Although you have to kinda respect him to be gutsy enough to wear that shade of pink in public.

    -Absolutely. Fear the man in the pink gi!

    -Yes! Just because he wears a salmon pink uniform doesn't mean he can't kick ass.

    -No! He's a dumbass.

    -No, becuse he's not a good fighter.

    -No! He totally sucks.

    -He should get more respect. Wearing pink like that takes balls.

    -No, because I said so.

    -I don't care, cuz I don't.

    -Who is Dan?

    -Yes, it takes guts to go around in a pink gi and he is pretty stong but his range sucks.

    -Um...... Vega gets all the respect.

    -If he should spend more time on hand-to-hand combat than trash talk, then yeah he would get more respect.

    -No! He's a lousy faggot who loves to pratice his thrust on brick walls!

    -Nope, Dan is just lame.

    -No... The way things are is the way things are.

    -Yeah. He means well...I guess...

    -Yes, he wears pink and is proud of it. That'll take guts.

    -No, he has a goofy hair style.

    -No, he's always trying to get Chun Li's male whore Vega!


    -No, he needs to toughen up.

    -Yes, because he'll have a bigger ego and we'll laugh harder at his foolishness.

    -No, he's a loser.

    -Sure, why not?

    -Why is he in more games that Vega that really pisses me off! I don't want to see that queer in anymore games!!!

    -HELL NO!

    -He should improve on the clothing and Hadoken!

    -Hell no! Not only is he the most idiotic Street Fighter alive, he has the nerve to mouth off to Ken saying "Here's a quarter. Go buy your own moves." If I was Ken, I'd beat him to a bloody pulp and leave him there to suffer. Dan get respect, that's a funny joke.

    - Yes. Anyone who wears pink... You gotta admire their courage.

    -No, he doesn't deserve respect he deserves to be in a padded cell!

    -NO! We need a fun guy like him. I love him but no respect thank you very much.

    -He shouldn't because I think he is a show off!

    -Yeah, because he wears PINK!

    -No, because he's only there to make other fighters look good.

    -No, he can't fight, he's so gay to the max.

    -Yes, because he is gay and funny.

    -Definately. He's a more serious character than most people think.

    -No because anyone wearing a pink gi obviously doesn't want any respect.

    -No. 'Cause Dan is just so freaky.

    -No, he's a fag no matter what.

    -Of course, he should get over Vega (well for a while.. an hour or so :) and take on some other (Ken or Guile :)

    -Yes, because he's too funny.

    -No, because he is probably the weakest street fighter.

    -Dan should not get more respect because he's fine without respect. It would go to his head and he'd stop being an idiot and become an egotistical JERK.

    -YES!!!! Dan rules! He's my best-loved loser anytime, anyday!


    -Can pigs fly?

    -Not really. Vega should get more respect!! He is my favorite SF character and he has been treated like Dan's happy toy :(


    -Ha! No!

    -Yes, he is cool.

    -No, he's gay.

    -No, he fights no good and he doesn't even got a good costume.

    -Yeah Dan is funny!

    -Who cares he's lame to me.

    -I never liked Dan. He is such a weirdo.

    -Yes, cause Dan is the man.

    -Maybe....... Saikyoooooooooo!

    -Dan.... I dunno.

    -He has respect I think?

    -Naaah... 'coz, it's funny the way you guys make fun of him. Besides, it doesn't hurt anybody.... (I hope)

    -No. He's messing with my favorite character -_-

    -No, because he bothers Vega.

    -Ahh hahahahahaha... No.

    -Nope. Because he's a dope head.

    -Yes. Because he deserves respect.

    -HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    -Maybe, maybe not.

    -In short, no! Dare u ask why?

    -No. He's the comic relief of the series, he deserves his abuse.

    -Yes and no. Yes, because you gotta be brave to wear pink if you're a guy. No, because I guess Dan wouldn't be as entertaining.

    -Who is Dan?

    -Hmmmmmmm........... Maybe.

    -No, pink is so out of fashion.

    -No, he blows... nuf said!

    -No, cuz he is crap.

    -No, Dan is in there to get disrespected.

    -YES, HE'S THE S**T!

    -No, Dan will always be a joke.

    -No, he's a dumbass.

    -HELL NO! He's an idiot.

    -No, he is just fine the way he is.

    -Yes, cuz he's sort of cool except for that stupid generic hado-ken.

    -Nah, he's just a little to obsessive & insane for my taste of respect. I pity him though.

    -No, he is a jerk.

    -Yes, he is FUNNY.

    -Yes, becuse he's kool like that.

    -No, I think Dan is a talker and full of himself.

    -Who cares?

    -No... because it's Dan.

    -No. Dan is a scary individual who should be cast into the sewage!

    -Yes!!! He's very funny.

    -No, he's a loser and his fireballs won't even leave his hand.

    -NO! He wears a pink outfit.

    -No, he should learn some first.

    -Nah. He's stupid and weird.

    -Yeah. He's entertaining!

    -Well, maybe... he IS kinda cute...

    -Faggots don't need respect, so F**K NO!!!

    -No, cuz he is a sissy.

    -Don't care.

    -Who gives a damn.

    -Yes, because no man can be a real man unless they had a night of passion with Dan!


    -No, he is a joke character made up by Capcom to mock SNK's Ryo.

    -Yes. He is funny and talented!

    -Hell yeah, he's hella cute!!

    -I don't want him to rape me so I have to say yes.

    -No. He is just too wierd.

    -Hell yeah!! Give the yaoi men more respect!!

    -No. Gay people do not deserve respect all they deserve is to be ridiculed for their sick ways.

    -I tried and forced myself to like Dan but I couldn't. He can't work up enough energy for a fireball; he depends on his screaming and taunts; he wears pink; he can't fight.

    -Yes, because despite the fact he goofs off, he has some cool special moves and he's not bad at close quarter combat.

    -No, because his character without respect is funny to watch. Though I think they should make Vega fall in love with him and just give in.

    -Yeah because he makes pink look cool.

    -Unless we deprive him of sleep & Vega & force him to look at the Playboy Channel & turn him straight, HELL NO!!

    -Yeah I think he should. I don't think the guy is gay he does not act gay, he's just cheerful and emotional. With the pink uniform either he likes pink or he's color blind. Yeah that's it, he is probably color blind.

    -Yes, because his gayness attracts all men and makes me laugh until my guts hurt!

    -No, he treats martial arts like a toy. He only wanted to learn the killing ways of the martial arts. That's disrespectful.

    -No, because he is a freaking homo mainiac! Ahhhhh!

    -No. He Is Only A Parody Of SNK's Ryo And Robert And His Attacks Are Too Weak To Be Useful And He Was Going To Use Ansatsuken(Shotokan) To Get Revenge On Sagat

    -NO. He has always been a dumb ass son of a bitch that should burn in hell.

    -No because he sucks. Why because he is weak. He can't even do a hadoken correctly.

    -No, cuz he's a pee-pee head.

    -No. Dan is boring and conceited.